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Camping in spring and autumn in Italy

Magical spring awakening – Camping in the splendour of spring

When the snow starts to melt, the weather becomes warmer and the first snowdrops come out – spring has arrived! Nature wakes from its winter sleep and transforms formerly snow-covered fields into flowery meadows. It is now idyllic and the worst of the hustle and bustle is over. For sun worshippers, couples in love and seekers of peace and quiet, spring is the perfect holiday season. It is also the time of crocuses and cherry blossom, of romanticism and couples … Surprise her or him with one of our romantic offers, a camping holiday in South Tyrol of the special kind, because there’s spring in the air ...


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Colourful moments in October – Camping in the fall

The days are drawing in, the wind is getting cooler and the leaves on the trees are turning a beautiful red, orange and yellow … autumn is arriving and bewitches not only the landscape but us with it. At this time of year in the mountains you enjoy clear but above all distant views as far as the remote horizon. As long as the sun’s rays warm the tips of our noses the fine weather must be enjoyed. The best way is on walks through dreamy woods with lush splashes of colour or on hikes up to the peaks of this world. … An autumnal camping idyll that lasts only a short time and is therefore something special. Enjoy the serene autumn, because the quiet disappears in winter camping.