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History of Camping Olympia in Dobbiaco

How a small idea became something big …

‘A campsite in the Hochpustertal Valley. What’s the point of that?’
In 1954 Alfons Klettenhammer’s idea of opening a campsite attracted attention in Dobbiaco and met with a lot of scepticism locally. The family business started with just 7 pitches, but what many had dismissed as a crazy idea proved to be a successful one over the decades. Camping Olympia takes its name from the Seventh Olympic Winter Games that were held in Cortina. The name itself may also have helped make the business a winner for Dobbiaco and its visitors. The campsite in Dobbiaco continued to grow apace, its reputation grew far beyond South Tyrol and Italy and it now attracts visitors from all over Europe. Camping Olympia has not become what it is today just through the courage of our family but also because of the fidelity of our guests who have been spending their holidays with us for over 60 years.


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Do you have time for a funny story? We want to tell you why a squirrel became our mascot. It applied spontaneously for the job when we were looking for a nice symbol for our campsite. During the discussion, a squirrel skipped through the door, grabbed a bar of chocolate and disappeared into the woods again. You’ll often come across these little nibblers during your holiday. They are particularly fond of the animal park.