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We can still remember well the first time we went camping with our friends. The ground was hard, the thermal mats were worn out, the sleeping bag was smelly, the swimming pool was the lake and the communal lavatory was dirty. But the important thing was being close to nature – the grass underneath us and the endless starry heavens above us. We celebrated as fancy took us and swore one another undying love and friendship. 

Camping is a unique experience in itself. It leaves lasting impressions and creates memories that do not fade. It’s just the same with glamping in South Tyrol. Never heard of it? Not to worry. You will soon. Glamping is a combination of Glamour and Camping – glamorous camping in other words.


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Glamorous camping – that didn’t exist in the past. But believe us, we do understand it. And that’s its attraction. Our Alpine bungalows offer maximum comfort (no thermal mats but with an ergonomic mattress) but nevertheless have this incomparable connection to nature and the special camping feeling in the middle of the Dolomites.
And if we’re honest, our backs have been much better since we no longer have to lie on those thermal mattresses. …Check it out for a change and experience you first glamping holiday, maybe whilst camping in spring or autumn, with us in South Tyrol.