Restaurant Samyr

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Restaurant Samyr in Dobbiaco

A feast for the senses – gorging at the Samyr Restaurant

Mhhhmmm … That smells good! For once, we’re not talking about the fresh croissants from our supermarket but about something else.
Your nose (… and your stomach) will take you to the Samyr Restaurant and Pizzeria in Dobbiaco, because it smells so enticing.
Allowing yourself to be spoilt – That’s part of the holiday, so why should it be any different with us?  Experience culinary delights, Italian and international delicacies and special dishes from South Tyrol … And the crusty pizza is a dream!You prefer dining outside under the stars when you have the chance? No problem. Just use our menu service. You just order your preferred dish and take it where you want. This won’t be your last visit to Samyr, your restaurant in Dobbiaco. Then you can finish off the evening over a good cocktail in our baita or Alpine hut …


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