Lake of Braies

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Camping near the Lake of Braies

The legendary realm of the Queen of the Fanes people

Camping on the Lake of Braies means camping in the immediate vicinity of the ‘Pearl of the Dolomite Lakes’ as it is known. The lake deserves its name as it is considered to be the most beautiful lake in the Dolomites. The sky is reflected in the clear water, which shimmers in all the tones of green and blue. The colour of the water changes continuously so that one sometimes has the impression of being on a distant island. Only the jagged rocks and the Seekofel mountain remind us that we are in South Tyrol. The Lake of Braies is distinguished not only by its beauty but also by a mysterious atmosphere. Mystical legends are associated with the lake … There are supposed to be treasures at the bottom but also the gate to the underworld that leads to the realm of the queen of the Fanes people.


Landscape BraiesLake of Braies lake houseLake of Braies in winterLake of Braies in summer
Lake of Braies attracts young and old, lovers, families and sports people and is ideal for hiking and exploring. Not only holidaymakers and locals are attracted to it, but also film teams. It was for example the setting for filming ‘Un passo dal cielo’ starring Terence Hill. We are also the nearest campsite and thus the best starting point for your explorations of Lake of Braies in South Tyrol. You can immerse yourself not just in our swimming pool but also in Lake of Braies …