Camping Olympia and Olympia 2026

Your accommodation for the 2026 Anterselva Olympics

Olympics 2026 at Camping Olympia

Our name could hardly be more appropriate. The Winter Olympics will take place in our area in 2026.

Camping Olympia is strategically located perfectly for some sports and is therefore your perfect accommodation for the 2026 Olympics in Anterselva and Cortina.

Camping with a WOW panorama
Camping site winter

Don’t be misled: we didn’t create our name for Google. After all, we have been called exactly that since the campsite was founded in 1954. One reason for this, however, was the Olympic Games back then. It was already clear back then that the Winter Olympics would take place in Cortina two years later. This probably motivated our grandfather to give the campsite in Dobbiaco this name.

Today we are proud to bear a name that stands for the connection between nations, friendship and sportsmanship.

Our campsite is approximately halfway between Anterselva, where the biathlon competitions will take place, and Cortina, where the races in several sports will take place.

A strategic position for your Olympic holiday.